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In our digital world, there is nothing so wonderful and satisfying as holding a physical print. It is easy to consume, click through and view hundreds of images. Every so often, an image will grab you and keep you. You may even keep coming back to look at it. Images have meaning to you, depending on your life experience, loves, likes and passions. The images you want to print and have on your wall are the ones with this meaning and beauty.

This is your opportunity to own one (or more) of my images. Printed with high-quality archival paper and inks. Shipped directly to you from White House Custom Color. You can get them as a print, or a print mounted. Framing and matting are for you to decide what fits your decor and liking.

I generally only allow prints 16×24 inches at the smallest. However, you will see one smaller selection for an 11×14 mounted print size. This helps make it more affordable so more people can have a print made. By keeping my image prints large, you will appreciate the details and impact of the image for years to come.

My images are Art.

I am an Artist Painting with Light. Digital photography is my medium.

It is hard to put a price on art. It is in the eye of the beholder and subjective. The value of art to humans is also hard to quantify. The relationship between that value and the money spent is also subjective. When I print my images and view them on my wall, it is satisfying and different from viewing them on a computer.

Earth without ART is just EH

I am offering two print levels: prints sent to you directly and Fine Art Prints that are shipped to me signed and numbered then delivered to you as collectible images. These will be limited numbers with minimum print sizes. They will be large prints on special archival papers chosen to show off that image in the best light.

I hope you will often return as I will be adding images regularly and adding special editions. Like photography, this will be a process as I move forward with past images and new ones I am creating.

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Larry Pollock

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