Large Metal Prints

40″ x 60″ Print on Metal

Specially treated aluminum. Image is printed directly on to the surface of the metal. Durable, washable and modern.

Image is floated off the wall about 3/4 of an inch and the hanging system is hidden. Give a clean, modern, 3D off the wall look.

Metal Print

Antelope Canyon Metal Print


Alternatively the image can be hung by stainless steal posts in each corner for additional cost.

stainless post

Alternate Stainless Mounting Post


Metal print can have glossy or satin surface.

This size of print requires a crate. Crate can carry up to 3 image on Metal.

Price: $1,097.00 USD per print. 

Shipping: $65.00 in US 48 contiguous States. Additional cost to ship to Alaska and Hawaii.

Stainless Mounting Posts: $29.00

Contact me for specific details and to order.

Larry Pollock



Sample Image Gallery. More images in the Gallery Section of my site.

photocrati gallery



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