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I am an Artist who's medium is Digital Photography. I paint with Light. Product, event, portrait, landscape and fine art photography

June Newsletter Gallery

I have had a busy year traveling. Here are images from my trips. To read the newsletter – Click Here

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Graffiti, Tagging and Sam Loves Sue

I am at a crossroads on this human penchance to leave a mark on almost anything. We paint, carve, notch, scratch and write on mother nature, walls and just about anything. Kilroy was here…  This […]

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Why I Shoot Black and White and Monochrome Images

In a world full of color it seems a contradiction to shoot images in black and white. The red rocks of Antelope Canyon, the greens of Oregon and the list goes on. Why would you […]

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Safety Not Guaranteed

Life will wake you up and and remind you of how fast things can change. On December 30, 2017 I had such a reminder.  I’ve spend a good portion of my life hiking up streams, […]

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Best of 2017 – Photography

Each year brings with it new ideas, new friends and new opportunities. These 38 images represent my year in photography. Many images are not in this album as they are client work. But you get […]

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Sands of Time

Hiking quickly through the white gypsum of White Sands National Monument, I keep a close eye on the eastern sky. Sunrise if near and I have yet to find “my spot” to shoot images of […]

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Keet Seel Ruins (Kitsʼiil) – A Hike Into History

Every journey begins with that first step. In this case it’s the beginning of a climb down from the Shonto Plateau into the Tsegi Canyon system. Located in the Navajo National Monument, it is surrounded […]

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StrikeFinder 2 Review – A Nearly Perfect Lightning Trigger

For several months now I have been testing the new and updated StrikeFinder 2. I have used a number of different lightning triggers in the past and have friends I shoot with who have tested […]

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How to Photograph Lightning: From Gear to Technique – Sleeklens Article

Each year I look forward to the Monsoon Season here in the southwest United States. Not only does it often cool the heat of the desert, it projects awe inspiring displays across the sky. High […]

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Speed Your Workflow in Lightroom with Presets

Lightroom presets can speed up your workflow so you spend less time editing to get great looking images. More time to shoot and less time in front of the computer! I was recently given a […]

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