“May you live in interesting times.”

What we don’t know is if this old saying is a blessing or a curse!

Though we look at time in segments such as 2020, 2021, etc., it is a continuum. There is no break in the flow except in our minds. Useful for humans to make sense of the world. We have a chance to start again.

2020 has been a year of change, struggle, and fear. It has also been one to understand our humanity, our frailty, our limited time on earth.

As a photographer, I spend a lot of time out in nature. Traveling locally and nationally taking images that, I hope, will transport the viewer to the experience and the place.

This year was a time of reorganization and introspection. Developing new ideas and working toward a time when I can entirely create the photography art I envision. It was also a year of travel with my girlfriend and fellow photographer, Susan. We made our own “bubble” via a travel trailer. We both have a passion for photography, and it is a “disease” we both laugh about it. Susan has brought much joy and companionship into my world again. For that alone, 2021 is looking bright!

Below are 100 images from our adventures. They include photos from:

A few model shoots
The Oregon Coast
Dead Horse State Park UT
Canyonlands National Park UT
Capitol Reef National Park UT
Kanarra Falls UT
Death Valley National Park CA

Many other locations we traveled.

I hope you will take a few minutes to trek through the gallery. Maybe even leave a comment. These are by no means all the images I shot, but they are a good representation of the year.

2021 brings a new President, vaccines, the hope for the end of the restrictions.

Hope springs eternal. That is a good thing, or otherwise, we would quit living.

May your days be merry and bright, filled with joy and things you love to do. My sincerest wish is my photos, and photo art will bring you joy, introspection, a desire to protect our home planet. It’s the only one we have!

Click on an image for a larger view. The upper right will have an “X” to return here.

Larry Pollock

I am an Artist who's medium is Digital Photography. I paint with Light. Product, event, portrait, landscape and fine art photography

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  1. Beautiful Year!

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