StrikeFinder 2 Review – A Nearly Perfect Lightning Trigger

StrikeFinder 2 Review – A Nearly Perfect Lightning Trigger

For several months now, I have been testing the new and updated StrikeFinder 2. I have used several different lightning triggers and have friends I shoot with who have tested many other units. The StrikeFinder 2 was nearly flawless, and I found myself just sitting back and enjoying the storm while it did all the work.  I didn’t get on any epic storms this season so far that I could get a great and killer shot, but I did get to put the trigger through its paces in all kinds of situations.

Enjoy my review and some images from Monsoon 2017 (not over yet!) 

StrikeFinder 2 Website

From Strike Finder: “We made big hardware and software changes to the SF2 including:

The Strike Finder 2 has two sensors tucked behind an IR panel. This reduces false triggers while increasing sensitivity. SF2 also has automatic, internal filtering technology.

The SF2 is screaming fast! The newly designed model takes advantage of pre-focus, reducing shutter lag. 

The battery compartment has been moved to the top of the device, providing a completely unobstructed viewfinder.”

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