Lighting in Overdrive – Capturing an event in the blink of an eye

Single exposure
Single exposure

Few things are as awe inspiring as lighting. Lighting at night seems to compound that feeling! Yes it is dangerous to be out there storm chasing. I do my best to be safe and keep an eye on what’s developing and moving around me. But at night it can sneak up on you fast, and more than once I have had to make a hasty retreat to a building or my car.

Most times it is far enough off in the distance that we can safely capture images. The trick is not to just point the lens at the sky and capture lighting, but to have some foreground interest too. Either pre images taken of the foreground and exposed for it then, without moving the camera or tripod, get some lighting images to composite into one image, or, capture it all in a single exposure.

These images are all taken as single exposures on the evening of June 29, 2015. Massive bolts striking down on a dwarfed town of Sedona Arizona.

It’s starting out to be a strong Monsoon Season and I expect to get many more great images over the summer.


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Larry Pollock

I am an Artist who's medium is Digital Photography. I paint with Light. Product, event, portrait, landscape and fine art photography

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