New Focus Stacking eBook & Companion Videos

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Focus Stack
Stacked Image

I am often asked how I get such clear images of landscapes, macro photography and jewelry shots. The answer is often Focus Stacking.

I have finally compiled an ebook with 2 companion videos to show the process both manually and using Helicon Remote software to run your camera while tethered and how to stack in Photoshop. Two Photoshop actions are included to help automated part of the process.

This is a great technique to have in your bag of tricks for overcoming the hyperlocal limitations of lenses while doing landscape photography and to extend the narrow depth of field during close up shots like macro photography.

Right now this whole set is on sale for $9.95 until May 31, 2015. Regular price is $14.95.

Head on over to my Members area and grab a copy as well as access to the online videos HERE

Larry Pollock

I am an Artist who's medium is Digital Photography. I paint with Light. Product, event, portrait, landscape and fine art photography

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