Cyber Commander™Sometimes when you want something you simply have to make it yourself. Such was the case for this video tutorial series. I have had the Paul C. Buff™ Cyber Commander™ wireless trigger for studio lights for 2.5 years now. From the beginning I could not find a complete training and had to rely on the written manual. Albeit complete, I did not understand all of the parts and pieces of the written word. I needed practical experience.

At first I simply used the basics to open lights from Studio then adjust power and shoot. Over time I learned a bit more but not all of the power of this camera top controller.

Fast forward to the end of 2014 and I made the decision to dig in and learn how to fully utilize all aspects of the Cyber Commander™. I am glad I did. It is now a fully usable and useful tool in my studio and on site.

I decided to share this knowledge and make a complete set of videos on how to use all aspects of the Cyber Commander™. Today there are 24 videos available, from the very basics to the use of groups, metering and making use of controlling settings of individual lights and sets of lights. I even mixed in some Pocket Wizards and a speed light.

Using a combination of live in studio video recordings, screen casting using screen shots of the various screens and panels as well as live video close ups of using the Cyber Commander™ hands on, I believe it to be the only training of it’s kind currently on the web.

I have another video, #25, I plan on creating on how to turn off/on one or more lights in a group.

This video training series has 6 samples available for free to hopefully show what the process is. Currently available on my Members Site.

I hope the photography community will find this useful and take advantage of the time savings to get over the learning curve with this great studio tool.

Note: I am not associated with Paul C. Buff™ any of his products. Just a user of his products and independent photography trainer.

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