Etheric Angel Composite PhotographOne of the joys in photography is to find gems from a photo shoot and create a new vision from that image. I have previously posted about creating an Angle, but this time I thought it might be fun to have a interesting before and after image you can actually slide the view back and forth.

Shooting images for practice with Jojo Cottle this summer was a lot of fun. Having done modeling from age 12, she has a natural back for creating poses and looks. After seeing this image shot using a modeling table for her to pose with I decided to go high key, painterly and then go for the angel wings.

The Digital Darkroom is a wondrous place. It can create and destroy images. It can be your friend or foe. I spend many long hours learning and integrating new techniques to help me create the visions for photographs I have in my head.

You can see the average lighting on the before image, the high key processing and even painterly art look on the after image. Once I had this look it was easy to integrate her into a set of angel wings and misty “looking out of the clouds at you” look.

Before / After (may take a moment to load):



Etheric Angel Composite Photograph

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