Glass Chandeliers – Nancy White Designs

Glass Chandelier - Nancy White Designs
Nancy White Designs
I really enjoy crafting images. Images that convey to the viewer what product is or a person is about.

This last week I was able to help a local artist upgrade her images for a brochure and her website to reflect the quality and interesting glass chandeliers and ornaments she creates. The challenges are several. Glass is translucent or even clear. Everything reflects in the surface, the lights, the camera, even the other glass pieces the surround each other. Getting a true white background without having that light destroy the detail and edges of the chandelier and simply focusing on something that is transparent are just a few of them. Of course, not breaking any of the glass if another part of it to!

The product photo shoot was a success and Nancy White of Nancy White Designs has now created a nice brochure and updated the Chandelier part of her website. Her interesting and beautiful art pieces are about to be displayed and available in a local N. Arizona Gallery too.

Thanks for trusting me with your photography Nancy!
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  1. Thank you so much for making the process easy and fun for me. Your work helped me to make a great brochure.

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