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32 Bit HDR (Exposure Bracketing) Using Photoshop

I have created HDR images using most of the software available. Unless you truly scale back the preset looks you get over saturated and over processed looking images. This if fine if it is the […]

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New Focus Stacking eBook & Companion Videos

  I am often asked how I get such clear images of landscapes, macro photography and jewelry shots. The answer is often Focus Stacking. I have finally compiled an ebook with 2 companion videos to […]

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The Photoshopping Backlash…

Photoshop isn’t the problem. It’s like money, inert in itself. Neither good nor bad. It’s an application with the power to create in the hands of a skilled artist and user. I use it everyday. […]

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To HDR or Not to HDR, That is the Question

High Dynamic Range (HDR) is a exposure stacking technique that helps to extend the dynamic range in a finished image. Dynamic range is the difference between the brightest spot in the image to the darkest […]

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