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Safety Not Guaranteed

Life will wake you up and and remind you of how fast things can change. On December 30, 2017 I had such a reminder.  I’ve spend a good portion of my life hiking up streams, […]

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Best of 2017 – Photography

Each year brings with it new ideas, new friends and new opportunities. These 38 images represent my year in photography. Many images are not in this album as they are client work. But you get […]

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Sands of Time

Hiking quickly through the white gypsum of White Sands National Monument, I keep a close eye on the eastern sky. Sunrise if near and I have yet to find “my spot” to shoot images of […]

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How to Photograph Lightning: From Gear to Technique – Sleeklens Article

Each year I look forward to the Monsoon Season here in the southwest United States. Not only does it often cool the heat of the desert, it projects awe inspiring displays across the sky. High […]

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New Focus Stacking eBook & Companion Videos

  I am often asked how I get such clear images of landscapes, macro photography and jewelry shots. The answer is often Focus Stacking. I have finally compiled an ebook with 2 companion videos to […]

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Someone Says They Can Do It Cheaper….

But is it worth the risk? It’s your time, loss of quality, unknown quality, having to have it done again, possible loss of customers if they see the low quality photography… The bottom line is: […]

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Photographing Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac

One of the things I love is capturing images and the feeling of events, concerts, stage shows, dance and more. When I was offered the chance to photograph gallery show for a music legend, I […]

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White Balance – True Whites and Blacks

Shooting event photos can be challenging in mixed lighting conditions. Such is the case at the Dia De los Muertos (Day of the Dead) event at Tlaquepaque Arts Village in Sedona Arizona. There are halogen, […]

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Guy Forks Mask in Black & White

For those who know me, I’m a fan of black and white photography. Removing the color, paring down the photo to it’s essence, the monochrome, greyscale, lines and composition. The world of digital photography is […]

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Building an Angel Before & After Images

One of the joys in photography is to find gems from a photo shoot and create a new vision from that image. I have previously posted about creating an Angle, but this time I thought […]

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