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How to Photograph Lightning: From Gear to Technique – Sleeklens Article

Each year I look forward to the Monsoon Season here in the southwest United States. Not only does it often cool the heat of the desert, it projects awe inspiring displays across the sky. High […]

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Lighting in Overdrive – Capturing an event in the blink of an eye

Few things are as awe inspiring as lighting. Lighting at night seems to compound that feeling! Yes it is dangerous to be out there storm chasing. I do my best to be safe and keep […]

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Being Published in National Geographic Traveler – A Milestone

You never know when or if it will happen. For landscape and travel photographers it is a milestone we wish and hope for. There are so many good and even great photographers out there these […]

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Return of the Galactic Core

For photographers who love shooting images of the night sky, Spring¬†in North America is an exciting time as the Milky Way Galactic Core shows itself again. Albeit in the very early hours of the morning! […]

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Day of Peace

I love taking images at events. I can get lost for hours watching the people, the performers and action. This last Sunday was World Peace Day. Sedona Arizona had it’s own celebration with music, entertainers, […]

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God Rays and Lighting

OK, no lighting in these images. The storm had started to dissipate (or so I thought). I had decided to head home not finding any lighting to capture. As I came out of the grocery […]

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Slide Fire – Capturing Terrifying Beauty

Chasing and capturing images of the Slide Fire Sedona Arizona is an emotional double-edged sword. As Photographers we stand in awe of the amazing places we hike, climb, travel into and photograph in Red Rock […]

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